The VConsyst group provides complete solutions (installations, systems and services) for (underground) waste collection, schools, commercial buildings and recreational accommodations. Sustainable and low-maintenance products are combined with modern information and communication technologies. ‘Operating and managing’ are central to the products and services provided by the VConsyst VConsyst.  VConsyst is part of Venture Group. Founded in 1977, Venture Group employs over 900 people in Europe and overseas. Next to the head office in Genemuiden (The Netherlands), VConsyst is located in Spain, France, Germany and has agencies in Norway, Danmark and Italy.


High quality & service

The right combination of containers, software, hardware, communication and electronics have led to high-quality, industry-specific solutions. VConsyst occupies an unique position in the waste industry, as it is the only manufacturer that designs and develops such products as containers / electronic units / software in its own facilities. Over 60,000 installations throughout Europe manifest VConsyst’s position as a major player in its own market segment. VConsyst is ISO 9001- and NMI-certified and delivers systems that meet the TÜV- , ITS- and KICI-quality mark  (the physically challenged). The Servicedesk of VConsyst can be reached 24/7.



VConsyst has long been a steadfast partner of GMT. Our goal is to ensure for our joint customers that our systems connect seamlessly to each other in terms of technology, safety, manageability and operating ease. Where CLEAR® often provides the central management software, WinConsyst® of VConsyst is usually the shell surrounding it for container management, roll container management and transaction & communication management.


VConsyst and waste collection Metro® containersystems

Under the name Metro®, VConsyst has developed a wide range of sustainable and reliable waste collection systems, which can be found in more than 300 municipalities in the Netherlands, from Maastricht to Groningen. Even in international cities like Berlin, Oslo, Cordoba, Haifa and Nice, the innovative concepts of VConsyst make for an attractive street scene and responsible collection. The Metro® programme includes various models of underground and aboveground containers and collection columns. VConsyst has also developed many bespoke solutions for its customers. In combination with advanced access control, data processing and logistics, VConsyst supplies products and services that contribute to a clean and safe living environment.


Chiplock® operating systems

The Chiplock® operating systems offer controlled access and disposal registration for all waste containers. Chiplock Graphics® enables messages to be communicated to the user of the container by showing text on the container's graphical display, such as ‘pass not accepted’ or ‘insert waste and close flap’. The system is available in various models and, thanks to the modular construction, extensive options for desired functionality and performance. Power is supplied by batteries / solar cells / utilities connection. It is easy to operate, also for the elderly and physically challenged. The communication is secured by means of various internationally supported protocols.


WinConsyst® management software

This modular application is used for the central management of configuration, authorization and registration. WinConsyst communicates not only with the Chiplock® units in the container, but also with the collector or the service organization (via e-mail) with regard to level measurement and battery status. VConsyst also offers solutions to get more insight in the performances of garbage truck drivers to lower costs and save the environment. If you are looking for a solution for mini roll-off containers or waste collection sites, VConsyst can help you all the way. VConsyst works with state-of-the-art technology (GPRS with direct socked communication) for fast, secured data exchange. The latest version of WinConsyst® is completely webbased and can be accessed through the internet anytime, anywhere.


Metro® Retail streets

In 2011, together with the Dutch partners WeCycle and Stibat, VConsyst developed a brand new solution for the collection of electrical equipment waste. In 2012, the Metro® Retail Streets are placed at hundreds of D.I.Y. stores through The Netherlands and are a huge success. The Metro® Retail Streets consist of boxes, where consumers can bring small electrical waste (e-waste), like batteries, tubular lighting, energy-efficient lamps and small electrical tools. The initiative is based on the ambition to realize a raw material cycle for small electrical equipment. VConsyst fully supports this initiative.