State-of-the-art: GMT’s new Warehousing & Recycling (W&R) solution makes your storage and processing process completely transparent.


GMT’s new Warehousing & Recycling (W&R) solution makes your storage and processing process completely transparent. The W&R module is a state-of-the-art solution based on a completely newly designed fully responsive web interface that can be called up on any device. GMT has implemented its ‘Mobile First’ vision by, among other things, making it possible to perform the acceptance process for incoming cargo on tablets and smartphones. Never before has it been this easy and reliable to keep waste inventories and the processing of waste up to date. The basic module that keeps track of inventories and processes was recently introduced to the market. You will now always have an accurate mass balance!


Warehousing and Recycling Enable Innovation and Cost Savings

The module provides insight down to the detail level, such as grams and litres. This and the possibility of documenting costs and turnover make it possible to determine the added value. This way you can determine whether the waste streams yield the desired return. “Today, these results are prepared on a monthly basis. Often this is a manual exercise calculated using an Excel spreadsheet, which makes it difficult to trace back the results to the different components of the process,” says Koert Klomp, Director at GMT Europe. Because of this, it is also impossible to acquire insight into the different costs for storage, and the recycling and production process. In view of the growing competition on the market, the use of improved result analyses for the storage and recycling process is indispensable. This improvement is made possible by making the costs and proceeds of all processes related to storage, production and analysis, transparent.


Nothing is too far-fetched

One of the core functionalities of the W&R module is to provide a consistent inventory administration function and an accurate mass balance. The module can be used for hazardous waste depots, recycling processes, such as crushing construction waste, storage and transhipment activities, and to provide a function for the administration of liquids. And for every location, the system can track precisely what went in, what was processed, what was removed and where it went. This results in the complete traceability of the waste streams from disposer up to and including the buyer of raw materials. The dashboard immediately gives you insight into the current inventory positions. The interactive graphs allow you to zoom in on the specific transactions for a certain substance. The module seamlessly integrates with the CLEAR module for incoming and outgoing bulk cargo.


Insight down to the detail level

The production process comprises recycling machines, cranes, shovels, other means of internal transportation, various chemicals, staff and contracted third parties. All of these factors together determine the cost of the relevant production process. Within W&R we offer the possibility of storing recipes (default production orders). These orders include the waste stream, the fractions produced by the production process after treatment, and the resources used to carry out the production process. For example, this includes the use of staff, recycling machines, internal means of transportation, leased equipment, hired personnel, etc.


In addition, W&R can be used to record actual consumption. This makes it possible to analyse whether the production process is running efficiently and at the same time makes it possible to determine whether the desired added value is being achieved. The various waste streams also have their own distinct elements that must be recorded. The W&R module provides for this and in the event that an additional field is nevertheless required, the module offers the ability to immediately add customer-specific fields and/or tables.


Acceptor App

The Acceptor App, which is a standard component of the W&R system, provides the acceptor with a useful tool on his tablet or smartphone. This tool enables the acceptor to complete the acceptance process on-site, document the degree of pollution, reject cargo, select designated locations and conduct interim inventory inspections.


Analysis of Waste

You can use the W&R module to record analyses of waste at various levels using the Soll and Ist analysis function. The Soll analysis represents the specification you used as a basis for agreeing on price with the customer. The Ist analysis concerns what actually arrives at your site. W&R will provide you with the variances between the two analyses. This provides you with a basis for creating a workflow. This ensures you of the right follow-up. Analyses can also be recorded at the inventory and production level. The open architecture enables us to interface with PLC control systems so that any inventory changes can be automatically processed.


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