MOM-server facilitates management


Always perspective and insight into what happens between back-end App and MOM App? With the development of the MOM-server this is now a possibility. The server is a self-service platform and offers a plethora of advantages to managers of the MOM App. The MOM-server is generally seen as a control tower at an airport. With the MOM-server all traffic between CLEAR or AfvalRIS and MOM is being guaranteed.


Installing separate devices; a thing of the past

With the arrival of the MOM server all settings can be adjusted centrally. The bigger advantage being that registration and setups don’t need to be done individually. Especially with larger batches, this saves lots of work and time. An added advantage is the centralized version update control. Apart from saving time through which individual users don’t need to install an update themselves. The entirety of the App management can be controlled centrally.


Complete control over data exchange and messaging

within the platform a fully comprehensive view allows constant monitoring of the interface between back-end and the MOM App. Another form of control is over logging data that the devices list and offers a continuous perspective into the way the App is being used.













User-friendly a priority

The MOM-server is a cloud App and because of it, very accessible to use. Because the server runs from the cloud, no added installs are needed. It is simple and developed fully responsive and can be run in any web browser. Thereby allowing access from any device. be it laptop, smartphone tablet or pc.


Interested to learn more about GMT’s MOM-server? Email or call Mr. Jurgen Heinis via or 020-6005151



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