MOM Navigation

The newest Mobile Order Management release offers the most modern navigation-application of this Mobile Order Management. The App had been integrated before with a variety of navigation Apps from the App store. In our latest version we added the “OpenStreetmaps-based” Skobbler and the social Geo App called ‘Waze’.


Skobbler is a premium point to point navigation app with an impressive user-interface and highly accurate maps that can be accessed both on- as offline. The use of the offline maps limits the datastream and could save on monthly fees. A very active community updates the the OpenStreetmap maps constantly. Through this new roads or routing-factors are often more up to date than the traditional, ‘closed’- source maps. Click for more information on Skobbler


Waze is a very interesting navigational App. A so called “Social GPS & Traffic”App. Over 40 million people use it, not just for navigation but also for it’s real-time traffic and rerouting information that may be due to jams or accidents. Between vehicles messages and locations can be shared easily and the App may show real fleet locations on a map. Users add to this success by sharing factual data and events with the community. An application of it’s time!





Michiel van  Eck
Michiel van Eck
Partner Manager
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