MOM Fleet manager; who drives where? Real time up to date!


Real-time monitoring where your vehicles are, how long it takes them to get from A to B, how long it will take to fulfill the order and the conveniently to instantly communicate with the driver.


What will MOM fleet manager bring you?

Thomas Adelaar, Product Owner Mobile: " Consider the diversity in options to utilize real-time data. A clear example is the possibility to add extra assignments and orders. It seems obvious that the planning-department likes to know the location of each individual vehicle.  Thus allowing to react to ad-hoc orders and assign the order efficiently to remain profitable. Many of us know the situation all too well; that the client calls in with the complaint; his containers remain unprocessed. Nowadays planners can immediately reassure the client and/or redirect the driver at the same time. (providing them with an estimated time of collection)


Calling to drivers in inaudible circumstances is a thing of the past to get their whereabouts, and it is possible to send a direct message to the individual driver instantly. Besides the safety-aspect, it saves us plenty of time.


Koert Klomp, Directeur GMT Europe: "Fleet manager fits neatly in our product-strategy wherein we make our Apps compatible with browsers and use ‘the cloud'". The MOM manager is agile, scalable, dynamic and cost-efficient. And as you would expect available on any mobile device ie phone/tablet.



Michiel van  Eck
Michiel van Eck
Partner Manager
tel. +31 6 204 94 841