Mobile Order Management (MOM); at the heart of our product vision

The Mobile Order Management App is GMT’s most successful innovation today. More and more customers of GMT, view the MOM-App as the most innovative and cost-efficient solution for digitizing the orders in the vehicle. Many commercial and municipal organizations worldwide have chosen for MOM. That is just the beginning. Increasingly more organizations decide to take the step from traditional on board computers to the modern tablet-based solution. Even outside the waste-industry a broad interest has been raised in this solution.


The heart of our product vision

The MOM App is at the heart of GMT’s product vision; it's user centric, it allows full-digitization, it is robust and ‘the’ example of our ‘Mobile First’ mindset. Since the launch of MOM in 2014 GMT improved and expanded the App considerably with extra functionalities. Meanwhile MOM has grown to the most user-friendly and full-fledged ‘board computer’ in collection vehicles.


MOM in a nutshell

An App with many useful features. Planning and driver are always in contact with each other: all ‘jobs’ are tracked real-time and orders are immediately completed digitally by the driver. Times, weights, anomalies and interruptions are registered instantly. For prove or to illustrate, pictures can be attached. Spend hours are instantly provided to Headquaters. Customers can sign ‘on the spot’. Besides all basics MOM offers several options to navigation.


MOM Fleet Manager

Real time mapping locations of your vehicle-fleet, how long does it take to drive from A to B, in what time can a job be done and can we send a message to our individual driver directly at the same time? What can MOM Manager do for us? Read more here.


MOM Server

How do we control and monitor all those mobile devices in the field? Is it well-secured?

With the arrival of the MOM-server all settings can be managed centrally. The MOM Server is like an Air Control Tower in that respect. Read more here.



MOM offers the most innovative navigation-application of this moment. The App is integrated with several other navigation-apps that are available in the GMT App store. To that we added the OpenStreetmaps based ‘Skobbler’ and the "social" Geo-App ‘Waze’.

Read more here. 





Michiel van Eck
Michiel van Eck
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