CLEAR supports several waste flows

CLEAR offers the ideal solution for optimal registration and a more efficient approach to processing the different waste flows. The list in the menu is merely a concise summary of the available functionalities.


Waste flows


Household waste

With CLEAR, you can efficiently automate your back office and the collection administration for household waste. CLEAR generates structural routes based on your planning. The system prints the route lists and consignment notes, including the legally required waste stream numbers.

CLEAR also registers information on the service time and the quantity of waste collected and the like. Thanks to the District Parks functionality, you can simply draw up an annual plan for collection of household waste. Useful is also the waste calendar that you can draw up with CLEAR. The waste calendar can then be printed or distributed online via the Internet.


Commercial waste

Commercial waste, wood, construction or demolition waste, CLEAR can register all commercial and industrial waste streams. Operating arrangements, various tariffs and other commercial arrangements can simply be incorporated in contracts that support route-based collection or collection on demand. CLEAR also supports flexible billing options. Another strength of CLEAR is its integration capability with the board computer.

Thanks to the CLEARMobile module, the board computers in the vehicles are in direct contact with your back-office, allowing for real-time data processing in CLEAR and providing your planner with insight into the orders carried out and the planning. Moreover, you can enter new jobs in the system right away. Read more about CLEARMobile


Hazardous waste

CLEAR support the collection, storage and processing of chemical waste and the collection of small hazardous waste. Including inventory registration, transhipment functions and the linking of weighing devices. The system allows you to draw up quotes in advance and maintain packaging inventories. Needless to say, you can print out legal documents, manage risk classifications and register sampling frequencies.


Processing and recycling

Dump site, transfer station, recycling, woodshed or composting company: CLEAR makes waste planning at any processing site possible. A processing site can be divided into separate compartments, whereby you determine daily the type of waste that is to be deposited in each compartment. Composition of the waste, different prices and processes: you can register it all with CLEAR. You can also regulate waste streams by defining the processing procedure on the site.


Sludge suction & grease traps

CLEAR allows you to register all services regarding the cleaning of outlets and grease traps. From the scheduling of vehicles, people and equipment to drawing up reports on statistical data and concluding the financial transaction.


Pest control

CLEAR comes with a comprehensive functionality for pest control with which you can register the contracts, periodic arrangements and plans. You can even register the pesticides. CLEAR automatically generates periodic billing statements that takes into account the use of equipment and the registration of hours worked at company, customer and contract level. With CLEAR, your administration department will only need to process new transactions!


Paper and glass containers

CLEAR also takes care of the registration of paper and glass containers, from transport to reports that are broken down into categories of the white, green or brown glass collected. Using the ‘District Parks’ module, you can schedule the periodic collections per district and use the weighing data provided by the vehicle as basis for calculating the payment due. It is furthermore possible to work with credit amounts for the recycling of paper and glass.


Bulky waste registration

Thanks to CLEAR Bulky Waste Registration, customers can submit a bulky waste or commercial waste pickup request 24/7, without the intervention of a telephone operator, if desired. The module automatically accepts the request and develops the routing and pickup schedule for the bulky waste routes. The created work orders are processed automatically in the CLEAR planning system, taking into account the specific contractual arrangements, such as frequency of submission, waste type or scoring systems, made with the relevant municipality. CLEAR also supports the digital booth.