CLEARMobile, information directly from the 'field'

Vehicles collecting waste also collect a wide range of data 'on the road' – such as weight and origin. The manual registration of these data is time-consuming, with all the risks of errors associated with it. That is why we have developed CLEARMobile: a on board computer, communication system and software in one user-friendly system that makes redundant the flow of paper between back-office and vehicle.

Real-time data processing

CLEARMobile sets up direct communication between the on board computers in the vehicles and your back-office for the exchange of data. With the added advantage that the data are processed in real time in CLEAR and a planner can at all times see which orders have been carried out and which jobs still need to be carried out. New orders can be communicated directly to the relevant vehicle.

Much information with few actions

The on board computer registers all the important information during a trip, e.g. date, start and end time of the trip, vehicle number, driver’s name, route travelled, etc.
In addition to the data on waste, trip times, and functions such as digital signatures, packaging registration and additional work can also be entered into the system. Vehicle localisation, navigation and placing of calls over the on board computer are also possible. The system can also be expanded to include an hour registration system/collective bargaining agreement module, a driving style analysis and a fleet monitor.

Better performance

Thanks to CLEARMobile, schedules, invoices, driver’s tickets and the like can be carried out with significantly fewer actions. CLEARMobile contributes directly to efficiency, better services and clear management information.



Michiel van  Eck
Michiel van Eck
Partner Manager
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