QlikView for all your management information

How would you evaluate the financial performance of your various departments? Can your fleet performance be improved? Are your services in line with the agreed service levels? Questions – every last one of them – that can be answered with one Qlik. Thanks to QlikView.


Bespoke solutions for the waste industry

GMT has adapted QlikView to the specific demands that arise in the waste industry. Thus you can perform quick analyses of your company database. Resulting in: immediate insight in all important performance data of your organisation. Such as the business unit and company-wide financial performance. But also the efficiency of your operational performance, the waste streams, the quality of your services and the accuracy of your processes.


Trends in focus

Ideal for standard and ad-hoc analyses and reports, QlikView, aside from providing up-to-date performance data, can also make trends visible and calculate the effect of scenarios. In brief, QlikView provides indispensable information to support your policy and decisions and act quickly when necessary.


Powerful business intelligence

QlikView can immediately dig up requested information from among billions of data and present it in a transparent and fixed structure for ‘dashboards’, analyses and reports. Ready for a professional presentation, for both internal and external purposes.


Anyone can work with it

GMT ensures a fast and seamless implementation of QlikView. And the programme is so user-friendly that you and your employees can set to work immediately without any training. The GMT-developed CLEAR adapter for QliKView provides easy access to all data in CLEAR. Without any technical CLEAR knowledge being required.


Low costs

QlikView is particularly competitive in price. You will have two times more valuable information in a quarter of the time at half the cost!



Michiel van Eck
Michiel van Eck
Partner Manager
tel. +31 6 204 94 841