AMCS Route Planner

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AMCS Route Planner is a powerful optimization system for optimization of distribution and collection routes. The system can be used for what-if simulations, master route creation, and for the daily optimization of distribution routes and operations.


Our route optimization system is equipped with powerful optimization algorithms and the standard system can be configured to match the requirements of any industry, whether the basis is distribution, pick-ups, collections or a combination. Together with its intuitive user-interface, it forms the perfect solution for driving efficiency gains out of your transport business. With 25 years of experience of developing and implementing route planning solutions, AMCS offers high-quality products, utilized widely at industry-leading companies.

AMCS Route Planner is a highly advanced system for route planning able to handle among others the following constraints and demands:

Rush-hours in zones, on roads and at certain times
Challenging time windows on orders, resources, and terminals
Vehicle and road constraints as well as driver qualifications
Different speeds for different resources
Multi-trips and multi-terminals for individual resources
Planning with frequencies and visit patterns
Territory and district planning
Fixed or free territories (or a combination of both)
Multiple order types and commodities
Production curves for the terminals


AMCS Fleet Planner

AMCS Fleet Planner is AMCS standard solution for real-time planning, optimization and dispatching of distribution and collection routes within various industries. It is highly user-friendly and supports the planner through Gantt charts, order banks, route lists and digital maps. The system is equipped with a wide range of manual and automatic planning functions which can effectively support the planner in planning and optimizing the daily collections and distribution/pickup. With AMCS Fleet Planner it is possible to obtain substantially improved service levels and striking cost savings at the same time.


AMCS Fleet Planner is a highly advanced system for transportation optimization including among others the following features:


Planning across both long periods of time and for as little as one day, through incrementally built plans
On the actual day of operation, incremental planning is combined with real-time planning, in which AMCS Fleet Planner exchanges information with both the ERP/order system and the vehicles’ mobile systems
During the real-time exchange of data, plans change into history logs, in which detailed and precise transportation KPIs are registered
Resource rostering with optimal allocation of resources
Depot and disposal site management, where costs of lifting products at source depots and/or cost of disposing are balanced against transportation costs during automatic planning
Automatic forecasting with the opportunity to determine stock replenishment or determine container collection.