CLEAR PAYT embraces the polluter pays principle

Increasingly more municipalities are using the 'Pay as you throw' (PAYT) system, which supports the polluter pays principle. For you, as waste processor, this means that you have to register the waste stream per household. The PAYT module makes waste collection with differentiated tariffs transparent and efficient.


Weight or volume/frequency

The PAYT module registers per household the number of waste containers, volumes and waste IDs. The IDs and containers come with an embedded chip containing a unique code that is recognised by the sensors built into the household waste vehicle. The board computer registers the weight or volume and the frequency with which the waste containers are emptied. The personal environmental cards are used by the system to register the number of waste loads delivered to underground waste systems and the environmental zone.


Different tariffs

The PAYT module works seamlessly with CLEAR. CLEAR calculates the costs based on the amount of waste collected per household. You can also record the number of times each emptied container type is calculated according to the regular tariff. The higher the number of container pickup requests, the higher the tariff.


Complete overview

You can keep municipalities fully and continuously informed of all Diftar data by posting the data online. In turn, the municipalities can immediately enter any changes, such as change of address and unoccupied dwelling, into the system.


Route planning and waste calendar

Other CLEAR modules work perfectly with the PAYT module. You can enter the relevant Diftar data in the district park plan, the route planning and the work schedule. The waste calendar can be printed per residential address from CLEAR, thus significantly reducing the printing costs. The eClear module also offers civilians a personalised online record of such things as the frequency and weight or volume of the emptied containers and the waste calendar.


Total solution

GMT has gained much experience in large-scale implementation of PAYT for customers at home and abroad. In addition to configuring the software and the technical aspects of the implementation, we also provide practical assistance in using PAYT. We are increasingly asked to provide a total solution, where we not only deliver but also implement a large-scale rollout of the software and the RFID readers, the board computers in the vehicle and the handhelds.



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