CLEARWeigh for automated weighing processes

In environmental zones and transhipment stations, weight and number of visits serve as important parameters, especially for allocation of costs. CLEARWeigh is the ideal module for obtaining and registering weight data on local weighbridges and scales. CLEARWeigh allows for faster turnaround times in both manual and automatic weighing processes. CLEARWeigh can work with a single weighbridge.

Easy integration with CLEAR

CLEARWeigh can be fully integrated with your present automation environment or CLEAR software, but it can also operate as a standalone system. You can therefore carry out weighing operations independent of the network or the central computer.

Simple registration

CLEARWeigh registers all important customer and product data, origin or destination, contract basis or waste stream information. The weight results are validated and stored without any problems. Obviously in compliance with the legislation on waste registration and the metrology service.

Connection with ‘hardware’

We can connect CLEARWeigh to the ‘hardware’ at your location such as access control, the controller of traffic guide equipment and card readers.

More efficiency

In short, CLEARWeigh is a broad and comprehensive solution that can be tailored seamlessly to your organisation. With the added advantage of continuous transparency in data flow and efficient planning.



Michiel van  Eck
Michiel van Eck
Partner Manager
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