"Drivers and management have unanimously opted for Mobile Order Management"


For CESPA Spain, working with MOM means an enormous breakthrough. Jordi Vea  iBarbany, IT Manager CESPA Spain: “We bring about sizeable nation-wide savings with MOM. This is one of the few systems that actually understand how the waste industry works. The impact of MOM for CESPA is evident. More than 300 vehicles are driving with MOM across Spain, clearly an extensive project for us that appears to be the most profitable solution. An important role has been played by the fact that GMT have invested a lot in the development of the software and that customers can grow alongside these  developments. CESPA makes a clear choice for long term security with options for enabling expansions.”


Digital signatures; exit administrative hassle

CESPA is using the system to let customers set digital signatures, obtained as a ‘proof of service’. Fussing with signatures on forms thus belongs to the past. As soon as a customer of CESPA digitally signs the order, it is immediately recorded in the back office system. At the same time the customer receives the signed digital purchase order via e-mail. Exit  administrative hassle. Further, one can now see exactly where the vehicle is and what it is doing. Advantage: quicker responses to new orders.