GMT Partner Program


A solid partner ecosystem is important for both GMT and its customers. Without strong partners, GMT is unable to sustain its growth and success in the ever-changing Waste market. Partners bring key technological and industry expertise, as well as geographical coverage, thereby helping organizations around the world take full advantage of the power of


Partners benefit tremendously through their partnership with GMT. How?  It’s quite simple: companies partnering with GMT have a unique opportunity to build and grow their business by leveraging the power of CLEAR.

More specifically, by partnering with GMT you will have the following unique opportunities.

As a GMT partner, you are empowered to better compete and increase your profitability when you sell the innovative suite of CLEAR products. Partnering with GMT, you have the ability to grow a sustainable Waste Management practice based on value.


Develop new opportunities. With GMT sales, marketing, support and learning resources, you can capitalize on a rapidly growing worldwide market.


Become the expert. We make it easy for you to leverage sales, marketing and education programs that have been created to give you more flexibility and self-sufficiency.


Performance rewards. The GMT Partner Program is a reflection of our appreciation and support for your efforts. Through our program you have the opportunity to earn higher margin based on performance in the Platinum Reseller Level.


The GMT Partner Program is designed to give you all the resources and tools you need to succeed and thrive. Now, you can take advantage of comprehensive training, marketing, support and sales initiatives, which will enrich your CLEAR expertise. The GMT Partner Program allows you to creatively leverage program incentives that help you uncover new opportunities, supports you at all stages of the sales process, and rewards you for the successful close of deals.


We invite you to review all the benefits available to you through the GMT Partner Program, and see how we can help you expand your relationship with GMT, and your customers, as you grow your waste expertise and practice.


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Michiel van Eck
Michiel van Eck
Partner Manager
tel. +31 6 204 94 841