GMT Cleaner Planet Convention

Oceans free of plastics? Robots collecting garbage? Smart Cities?

Technology, ICT and big-data play an increasingly significant role with the current sustainability demands of our planet. Yet without the pioneers; evangelists and visionaries in the Waste-, Recycling- and Resource Industry, technology is of no use. The 13th of October 2016; GMT will host the Cleaner Planet Convention. An international and interactive event that will present innovations in the global Waste-Industry and application of ICT that accompany those.


Inside information

  • Bring yourself up to date on the global ‘state-of-the-industry’ and the part that is being fulfilled by Big-Data and ICT, presented by David Newman, President of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).
  • Join the debate, moderated by world Champion-debating, Sharon Kroes, alongside the captains of our International Waste-Industry during an open discussion on the future of Waste.
  • Be ‘disrupted’ by Mark Abbas, CEO at GMT; sharing his vision of the oncoming digital transformation that will turn ‘Waste’ upside-down.
  • Experience the newest developments round the ICT industry with live demo’s during the interactive breakout sessions.
  • Join inventor Boyan Slat at sea, to witness his acclaimed project The Ocean Cleanup.
  • Learn the successful Smart-City initiatives in waste-collection, recycling and resources from Charbel Aoun CSO Enevo Finland.
  • Give direction to the roadmap of your back office and mobile applications from GMT.
  • In short; sharing knowledge. Are we missing a topic? Tell us, please.


Join us

If you received our invitation by email, you can join our event for free!
Write down this date: thursday 13th of October 2016, at the NEMO Science Centre in the heart of Amsterdam. Starting 9:30


Read more about it or reserve your spot on our website “Cleaner Planet Convention”!



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