Yes! We're one of the 5 nominees for the Computable Award 2015!

From over 200 participants leading to 35 recitals, the five more complex and innovative ict-projects in large enterprises have been nominated for the Computable Awards. The jury has chosen five ict-projects: eTrack and eTag, Identity and access management as a service, MasterPass wallet, Mobile registration shipping waste with M2HAMIS, and PortMaps the new information system.


In April 2015 ten candidates in total were allowed to pitch their project before the jury consisting of: L. Hinds (Tata Steel Europe), M. Stultjens (iWelcome), M. Mars (Balance IT) R. Sarshar ( and J. Aris (Teva Pharmaceuticals) participating from the position as one of the main jurors at the Computable Awards 2015


Jury criteria

In adjudication of the recitals the jurors tested six criteria: innovation, originality, social relevance, market relevance, “business and economic value”.

Upon satisfaction of either of these criteria, the candidate is awarded a point. A main estimation is complemented with the mentioned points from the added criteria. GMT's project M2HAMIS answered the specified criteria and has that ‘something extra’ to appeal for nomination.


Port of Rotterdam is frontrunner in registration of shipping waste

With the M2HAMIS App the mandatory registration of shipping-waste can now be done mobile. By digitizing; the need for paper is cut from the process and fraud can be prevented. This helps the environment and seriously cuts time for both the maritime waste-collectors as well as the Port of Rotterdam. GMT developed this App M2HAMIS. As of this year large and small waste-collecting companies can register waste easily with every device from anywhere to the Harbour Management Information System (HAMIS). By removing manually filled forms and the copying by hand for the Port of Rotterdam, tremendous cuts in time are realized and mistakes are minimized. Besides allowing for instant monitoring of registrations and preventing fraud. By pioneering such innovations the Harbour of Rotterdam proves itself to be the world’s frontrunner.


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