Wastehub and LZP connect AREA and Attero

Wastehub, GMT Europe and Logistics without Paper (Logistiek zonder Papier - LZP) have joined together to digitally connect Attero and AREA in order to easily share data. Never has the digital exchange of information been so easy, so fast and so reliable.


AREA Cleaning is a company that collects waste, cleans street, combats slipperiness, empties drains, and performs pest control in Coevorden, Emmen and Hoogeveen and is active for more than 82,000 households. AREA has long been using GMT’s software system AfvalRIS for all its cleaning activities. All waste transport will be issued either through the AfvalRIS software system with help from Wastehub or through LZP’s LoadIT. The real-time data is then sent directly to Attero, so that the weighing platform staff immediately knows which trucks are working with which waste group.


“It's wonderful! We know exactly which trucks are on the way and if we want, we can also see when they arrive here on the weighing platform”, says an enthusiastic John Boertien of Attero and adds: “The flow is now a lot faster.”


AREA has now also approached its other processors about this and is of course hoping for cooperation in this. “Our drivers are so enthusiastic that they actually want this everywhere. We digitally provide loads via our weighing platform and all other loads the truck drivers provide from their truck via mobile phone. Child's play! What simplicity, unrivalled!” says Geert Sibma, Collection Manager at AREA Cleaning. “We have also been through a police environmental audit and the officers also knew that we worked with a LoadIT digital guidance note and therefore the audit was completed very quickly,” adds a driver for AREA Cleaning.


All Attero weight data is then digitally returned so that AREA immediately has the weight data available. Therefore AREA can call up the weight data in ‘real time’ in AfvalRIS and process it automatically. “One possible future step would be that AREA can also receive the invoices digitally from its processors,” says Cees Schouls of AREA. “We give meaning to supply chain management, save significantly on costs and to a large extent serve the environment!”


“We aim to unburden the business of and to create large savings on paper documents. Through our cooperation we naturally achieve this and urge all other organisations which have that relevant information in their systems to also make it available,” says Mark Abbas, the creator of Wastehub. “Connect, that is the magic word. Digitally connect!”


The data exchange has now been running for 3 months to the great satisfaction of all parties concerned. Other organisations in the industry are closely following the data integration developments. After the summer holidays we will see how the concept will be rolled out to other interested parties. “The ‘oil spill’ must always continue to expand. The goal must be that everybody will join and we no longer need paper,” concludes Cees Schouls.


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