Wastedge has a flying start


The introduction in The Netherlands of Wastedge is going very well.  Matras Recycling Europe and Union Container Services are going live before the summer, and the paperless solution has already been successfully implemented. Wastedge offers local (SME) waste-management companies a total solution, from order administration all the way to invoicing.


Wastedge is a back office package with a specific solution for companies with roll cages and skips among other things. The accessible product is extensively used in Australia, South Africa and England. Wastedge.eu is the exclusive European provider of this access solution.


The standard solution is available through the internet for a low monthly payment and can be used on desktops as well as on smartphones and tablets. “This way of working saves time and money,” says business unit manager Léon Fleischeuer. Furthermore, the solution can be quickly implemented with a small investment: no complicated installation on hardware or servers is required.


At RD Maasland, a company which collects household waste as well as industrial waste, and which manages civic amenity sites, no more vouchers and work slips have been lost since the switch to Wastedge. The orders are planned via Wastedge, which in practice means that the planner links orders to the drivers.


The drivers receive a message on their iPad, which also navigates them to the address. “The advantages of working like this? Fewer mistakes are made, people are working more efficiently, and everything is immediately passed through to administration and is immediately invoiced. Even drivers who do not know the area can quickly work with the routes and carry out the orders in a satisfactory manner,” says Fleischeuer.


Union Container Services, a supplier of containers in Amsterdam and its surroundings, will also be able to work much more efficiently after the implementation of Wastedge. At this company too, the paper stream is being reduced. “ In addition we will optimise the collection routes for this company.”


Matras Recycling Europe is specialised in the recycling of the materials from which mattresses are composed. The company collects mattresses from civic amenity sites. “From the moment the old mattresses are loaded onto special racks in the trucks, the weight is registered, and the logistic process can be started. The last action is the invoicing.”


Léon Fleischeuer: “We started selling Wastedge in April. I notice that the awareness of our product has increased considerably within just a couple of months. The waste processing SMEs are enthusiastic about the solution, especially about the use of tablets and smartphones. The mobile devices are easily accessible. Everybody can use them, and clients can sign on them.”

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