A clean, durable and green Utrecht

Utrecht municipality choose CLEAR.net


The agreement was officially confirmed by Carla van Ommen (IMH) and Mark Abbas (GMT) last week. Utrecht municipality wants to control the impact of its policies and operations on the environment and, where possible, reduce them. After a public European tender, GMT appears to have the best solution for this with CLEAR.net.


Carla Van Ommen, Director of IMH: “The subsection Collection, Markets and Harbours (IMH) contributes to the control and reduction of our business operations with the new IT solution CLEAR.net. This is a very important and serious step for us. The changes in the back office are close to the operational activities.”

“We are very pleased that we have come to a good conclusion of this phase of the tender. It was quite a challenge to create a good program of requirements and to articulate what is needed and also to find the best club with which we are going to work together. Legalities also had a lot of difficulty, but as far as I’m concerned we have reached the right conclusion. We are thus really looking forward to the next phase and I'm glad that we are here now together with GMT and the entire project team”, according to Van Ommen.


Mark Abbas, Director of GMT Europe: “We are extremely proud of this tender. This has been a very intensive stage. A stage that was carried out with the utmost care by both IMH and GMT. We realize how big this step is for IMH and what responsibility has been placed in both our care. It is going to be an ambitious project with the implementation of two major projects: CLEAR.net and CLEAR mobile. We focus on subsections such as route optimization, house to house collection, collection bringing systems, commercial collection, bulky waste and KCA within these projects. The project officially started last week.

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