Twente Environment is the winner of the route optimisation study that GMT raffled during the NVRD Conference 2012.


Paul Havinga, Sales Manager at GMT Europe; “GMT wanted to offer something extra during the NVRD Conference especially since both our clients ROVA and Twente Environment were hosts of the conference. Besides, the theme, ‘Sustainable together’, fitted perfectly with the raffle of a ride- and route optimisation study.


Route optimisation software is used to design smarter collection routes and to plan better. The results are more efficient driving, less kilometres, more unloads per vehicle, a better work division, more attention for safety in the neighbourhood and less CO2 emission. The GMT optimisation software was developed in cooperation with Ortec and is optimized for the waste-environment industry.


The winner of the route optimisation study is Mister Chris Bodewes, Knowledge expert Waste and Environment at Twente Environment. In the picture, mister Bodewes receives the prize.

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