The value of the Progress Advisory Counsel


GMT has been represented in the ‘Global Partner Advisory Council’ of Progress Software since this year. This means that GMT participates in talks regarding market developments and the strategy of the ICT Company listed on the stock exchange. Progress supplies, amongst others, technology (under the hood) of successful industry-specific ERP applications, such as


‘GMT is an important partner for us because of the progressive products that the company develops. GMT has a lot of expertise in the field of waste management,’ according to Albert Paul Beijleveld, ‘partner ambassador’ of the American company.

Progress provides the backbone of The company is a global provider of software technology and services for the development, the implementation, the integration and the management of solutions for business applications.


The importance for our customers

Do GMT’s customers benefit from the fact that the company is part of the advisory board? ‘Yes, for sure,” says director Mark Abbas. ‘The lines with Progress are short. We can ask experts for advice, but, we can also think along in strategic areas so that we can bring the topics that we consider important to the attention.”

The fifteen partners that form the ‘Global Partner Advisory Council’ jointly with the board of Progress come together from all parts of the world twice a year. Meetings furthermore take place via video conferencing. 


‘Of course it was an honour to be asked for this role,’ according to Abbas. ‘We could already get a lot out of it as GMT. The contacts with other large, multinational operating partners in other niche markets are particularly valuable!’


‘Progress recently presented its vision for the future. This fits perfectly with the ambitions of GMT. We are therefore looking forward to a bright future for our products “Powered by Progress”.’



Powered by Progress?

Progress Software (NASDAQ: PRGS), offers a complete, flexible and modern platform for the development and making available of business software. Locally and/or in the cloud. Usable on any device (for example: PC, laptop, Smartphone and Tablet) in any infrastructure and easy to connect to other data sources. Progress is especially known to analysts and customers as one of the most productive application development platforms with low management costs (total cost of ownership/TCO). It is also widely praised for its robustness. Worldwide, approximately 4 million people are currently using Progress-based software and hundreds of users join daily.


Progress Software is constantly investing in its technology. In recent years, for example, innovations have been added in the areas of cloud, mobile, connectivity, SaaS and security. Progress partners and developers can thus create applications that match your latest wishes.



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