In the picture; the circular economy and the part that CA sites/recycling centres play

As we all know nowadays waste is a tradeable resource if it is well separated! And it is just there that the advantage of a well set-up recycling centre shows it’s merit. The easier and quicker the public and business get rid of their waste the more often they can offer their resources to the municipal recycling centres. improving the reliability for a circular economy.


Improved separation at CA sites/recycling centres

It may seem simple enough but the set-up of a recycling centre can be somewhat comprehensive. For instance there are priorities for council and environmental services. On the one hand there is a need for proper separation of waste, on the other hand they aim to facilitate the public a simple and swift discard of their trash and provide the right service doing it. Decreasing queues, improving routing and faster deployment at the gate stimulates the community to dispose of their trash more often. However a municipality is an organization and takes accountability over the amounts of waste produced and collected and inferring the costs that go with it. That means the need for a solid administration and a reliable software solution.


The importance and ease of automation of the weigh-scale area

GMT boasts an extensive experience with the automation of waste collection stations such as HVC, DAR, Irado, ROVA, Cyclus and many more. Over more than 25 recycling centres incorporated the software solution CLEARWeigh. A flexible standard application that is tailormade for the project concerned can be configured to support the specific requirements of each recycling centre individually. GMT has acquired for itself the leading role in automation of weigh-scale areas.


CLEARWeigh: a unique total-concept

"The uniqueness of CLEARWeigh is it’s ability to cater to the administrative processes of incoming and outgoing flows like the automated entries with card readers, gates and traffic-lights", so says Paul Havinga, Business Unit Director at GMT in the Netherlands. "By deployment we guide the entire project. Including the placement of detector-loops, instalment of entry-pillars and connecting of the weigh-bridges. Thereby relieving our customers the hassle of managing several suppliers to work in sync", according to Havinga.


Integrated and ‘stand alone’

At the recycling centre the speed of handling and continuity is essential. Therefore we designed CLEARWeigh to function integrally with the CLEAR Application in the back-office and besides CLEARWeigh can if, for instance a fault in the network should occur, operate stand-alone. As soon as connection is reestablished, CLEARWeigh will update the backoffice with the most recent information. Showing prudence in the integrity of the information.  Because of that the interface is designed to be utmost reliable and robust.


About GMT

GMT has been on the forefront in the waste and environmental industry for over 30 years. And is market leader in providing innovative solutions for this specific industry. Examples of these are amongst others GMT CLEAR the powerful management tool that provides fast, consistent and accurate data through all company processes. Besides offering powerful Apps for the vehicle, the clients and acceptance of waste/resources. With GMT Connect GMT provides a state of the art access layer that allows for GMT CLEAR to fully access third-party applications.


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