“Starting today, Schotpoort Environmental Services is putting its diverse activities on the right road with GMT’s A2B Logistics”


Being a part of the Schotpoort Transport Group, Schotpoort Environmental Services primarily aims at logistic processing of residues for both private and business clients. On the 1st July, Schotpoort Transport Group moved into a new building at Coldenhovenseweg in Eerbeek. The logistic operations, including waste transport and (drop-off) container rentals, are coordinated from this building, while a recycling centre has been set up on the terrain for both private and business customers. A2B Logistics was chosen for the automation of these logistic operations.


Gertie Modderkolk, General Manager with Schotpoort Environmental Services, stated: “Eerbeek, among other things, is known for its concentration of paper-processing industries. Thanks to our flexible method of working, we are the official purveyors for a large number of industrial companies in these surroundings. Not just for waste collection, but also for many other (waste) related activities. You can confidently say that we are a one-stop service provider here. In order to put these very diverse activities on the right road, we also required a flexible automation system. We have found this in A2B Logistics.

Our need for a wider employable automation system grew due to our move and the expansion of our activities. Since our former supplier appeared to be incapable of providing us with the flexibility needed only at a late stage, GMT Europe, supplier of A2B Logistics, faced quite a challenge in setting up a new company-wide system for us within 2 months. At this time, we were not interested in tailor-made solutions, but rather in a generic, scalable solution that could be designed so that all facets of our management could be incorporated into it. Thanks to GMT’s experience with logistics issues and their thorough knowledge of the waste industry, they were capable of understanding what our needs were based on minimal information. The result is a user-friendly and affordable solution that ensures a weighbridge that is fully integrated into the system as well as company-wide automation for our logistic activities.


Both planned and non-planned weighings can be completed on the weighbridge, and private customers can receive an invoice immediately for cash payment made. Deliveries by business clients, drop-off container activities and other (waste) transport are directly processed into the system and to invoicing from the weighbridge. A2B Logistics also plays an important part for us in planning (often changing) transport.”


Leo Groeneweg, Consultant with GMT: “GMT Europe is very content with its collaboration with Schotpoort Environmental Services. With this application, our A2BLogistics package has demonstrated that this solution, which until recently was mainly applied to liquid waste, really has many faces and can be excellently deployed company-wide in other sectors of the waste industry as well. Collectors and processers of (contaminated) soil and debris are showing great interest, particularly for the integral application of weighbridge, quality control, stock control, logistics and document processing.”


“In GMT, we see a strategic partner for further growth both now and in the future!”, Gertie Modderkolk stated.



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