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GMT Europe started this autumn with the implementation of at Sita UK. The intention is that 29 planning locations will be transferred to the new application within six months. This will be followed by approximately one hundred processing locations and weighbridges that are linked to


‘The first reactions are very enthusiastic,’ says consultant Wim Rosier, who acts as a link between Sita UK’s project team and the developers of GMT Europe during this period. ‘The users are very happy with the accessible interface and the good search function of the program. Moreover, proves once again to be very user-friendly. Employees of Sita UK, who have never worked with, mastered the system within a few hours.’


The planning location in West London is now working with the software. The branches in, amongst others, East London, Sittingbourne and Crawley will also transfer to in the coming months. ‘The company has purchased an application with with which they can support the business processes efficiently and can thus remain competitive in the UK market,’ says Paul Cooper, National Implementation Manager for and representative of the project’s business.

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Paul  Havinga
Paul Havinga
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