Second Time in a row awarded for the ICT Milieu Award!

Again GMT has been awarded for the prestigious ICT Milieu (environment) Award. This time with the M2HAMIS App. An App especially developed for the Port of Rotterdam. This App makes sustainable waste management easy. It allows for the documentation of the compulsory registration of shipping-waste to be done by phone or tablet. Because of digitization it skips papers involved and minimizes fraud with waste. It also ensures environmental compliance and saves a lot of time for both The Port of Rotterdam as it does for the waste-collectors.


ICT Milieu bestows the award during ‘the Evening of the Digital Economy’, held on 3rd of September 2015. The ICT Milieu Award will be presented to innovative ICT- projects that initiate a significant sustainability contribution, in industries such as energy and waste.





Danielle  Nierop
Danielle Nierop
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