Renovations in the area of location process management

GMT develops a new functionality that makes it possible to record locations, process steps, cost prices, and stock mutations.


‘On a rapidly changing market like the waste collection, treatment and processing market (on which the collected or bought goods represent a value), it becomes more and more important to exactly know which chains enter and leave the locations’, says Koert Klomp, consultancy manager.


‘Furthermore, it is important to know how the goods move through a location, what their value is, and where they are within the process and location.’ The solution is developed around the idea of ‘Mobile First’. This means that for example the stock mutations are registered with the use of a smartphone or tablet, and additional peripherals and possibilities (like gps, photos, rfid scanners, barcode/ gr code scanners).


‘Of course we provide a full integration with our other solutions’, says Klomp. Examples of these are; the process of weighing, contract and price structures, the commercial module, planning, and financial settlements.

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