Recycling, how far will you go?


That we should recycle waste is an undisputable fact, but how far will you go? Recently, I went to visit my grandmother who is 92 for a cup of tea. She’s still living independently and she's still a sharp little lady from Amsterdam.


To my question as to why she was removing the staple from the used teabag, she answered in a surprised tone: “But dear, you should know that, since you are working in the waste industry. I have to separate all waste; paper, plastic, glass and all those other things. Therefore, the staples will go with metal, the tag with paper, and the bag into the biodegradable waste. I also soak jars to remove the labels before recycling the glass, and the label will of course be added to the paper for recycling. That will keep me busy. It is a lot of work though.”


When I burst into laughter, she became pretty cross with me. She demanded to know why I was laughing so hard, since what she was doing was right. “Of course, grandma, but you are allowed to put the staples from tea bags into the bin, with the tag, and you really don’t need to soak the labels off jars.”


Therefore, the question is: how far will you go for recycling Household waste, and is it clear for everyone? Look into the mirror, how strict are you when it comes to recycling your household waste?


PS: I did not inform grandma that the neighbour who collects the rubbish for her every week simply puts the ‘overly’ recycled waste back together.

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