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Join us at the largest exhibition on the topic of waste management and recycling in the UK. Visit us in Hall 4, F100 for our best of breed software and disruptive innovations!


For more than 25 years we focus 100% on the global waste & recycling industry. We do this to enable our clients to grow their business and margins by a minimum of 20% and improve their quality. It is with passion and proven technology that we deliver innovative and best of breed ICT solutions, appreciated by thousands of end-users. Our goal is implementing profitable sustainability. We achieve this through operational excellence, legal compliance and high quality services. We deliver in time and budget and aim at long standing relations.


In recent years, GMT has carried out several successful implementations countries such as Spain, England, France, Poland and the Middle East. i.e. international customers as SITA UK, Cespa, West Coast Saubermacher, Selikor, Van Gansewinkel etc.


Disruptive innovations

To contribute to a cleaner and sustainable planet, we deliver disruptive innovations and continue to challenge traditional ERP solutions with industry specific software, like:


CLEAR, #1 in waste management software; covers your primary processes in it’s entirety. Current sales-, contact- and contract details, activity planning, weighing, order fulfilment and billing and even accounting. Connecting to third party products has never been easier. Salesforce, Dynamics, and SAP are just a few choices.


Mobile Order Management; this app offers many standard functionalities. Like additional orders, instant routing and a real time link between driver and back office. A display that shows the details of the orders as well as the interactive map. The driver can decide the efficiency of his route. During a route detailed data is kept on driving times, routes, orders and productive hours of personnel, measurements, divergents and interruptions and photos of anomalies can be instantly linked to the order. After finishing an order you can let your customers sign for approval on the tablet and return a receipt digitally to them. Mobile is the future!


Business Intelligence; GMT’software Integrates with QlikView or other BI software. QlikView can include an exclusive waste and recycling dashboard of KPIs, custom reporting and a customized budgeting template. We can help turn your ideas into reality.


GMT, imagine a cleaner planet!

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Michiel van Eck
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