ROVA presents the self-service CA site in Zwolle

One of ROVA’s many ambitions is to increase sustainability even more. Besides the many steps that have been achieved toward this, the CA site in the City of Zwolle is next. Dennis de Jong, ICT manager at ROVA: "Our current creed is ‘better than yesterday’ that means that although we have innovated a lot, there is always more to improve upon. Because of new developments, solutions or leaps in optimization. After Vroomshoop (NL) the City of Zwolle deploys their self service CA site."


From traditional weigh-station to self service

"The reason for our new approach with the CA site was on the behest of the City of Zwolle to gain more grip on the wasting behaviour of it’s citizens. This apparently simple request has, if one intends to do it right, an enormous impact on the entire organization, the processes and its employees. We recruited a team skilled in all the needed disciplines."


Preparation is half the job

"We now finalize the transferral of the project. Together with GMT as our main contractor we initiated the first essential steps. Much will change. The rest of the citizens will be given a recycling-card too. Console pillars will be placed with touch-screens, improved signalling and optimized routing and at the weigh-station our CLEAR software will make way for CLEARWeigh software. "says De Jong. "And we will set up CLEARWeigh with touch-screen for our own supply and collectionvehicles".



With Vroomshoop we got our experience with the self service CA site. And we know exactly what to expect. With the automization of the self service CA site in the City of Zwolle we will implement a simplified process that allows for more relaxed work-conditions for the people operating the weigh bridges and will avert misuse of the recycling centre by companies.



GMT has accumulated a vast experience in automating CA sites such as HVR, DAR, Irado, ROVA, Cyclus and many more. Over 25 CA sites use the software solution CLEARWeigh. A flexible standard-application that can be optimally tailored to the unique features of each CA site. With this GMT has grown to it’s leading position in the automization of weigh-stations.


Over 30 years GMT has been specializing in the waste and environmental industry. To become market leader in the creation of innovative solutions for this highly specific industry. Examples are amongst others GMT CLEAR the powerful management tool that offers fast, consistent, and accurate data throughout the entire operation. Besides GMT supplies powerful Apps for vehicles, CRM and receival. With GMT Connect GMT offers a state of the art access layer that makes it possible for GMT CLEAR to access third-party applications that might be used too.


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