RMN gets rid of consignment documents!


RMN wants to reduce the administrative burden related to the consignment documents that are required for collecting and transporting household waste. To achieve this, they have decided to deploy AfvalRIS linked to Wastehub and LoadIT.


This is done by recording the routes beforehand so that the processor knows which routes to expect. From the planning module of AfvalRIS, the routes are recorded in LoadIT via Wastehub all day long with the press of a single button. Pre-recording the routes means that a notification is sent to LoadIT via the Wastehub module for the vehicle registration involved and the waste flow in question. Routes that have been pre-recorded but that turn out not to be driven will automatically be removed from the system at a preset time.


For maintenance purposes, a plastic-sealed blank consignment document is present in the cabin of the collection vehicles, listing the vehicle registration and the waste flow data. This means that no separate consignment document is needed anymore for each route. With this solution, paper trails are a thing of the past!


Want to know more about Wastehub? Go to www.wastehub.nl


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