QlikView in TIME Magazine


QlikView is prominently featured in the August 3rd issue of Time Magazine, distributed to millions of readers worldwide. The article, titled “Brainiac,” is a compelling look at our game-changing BI approach. It credits QlikView for “making search much more like your brain—and applying it to business analysis.” It goes on to say “Because of QlikView’s brainlike design, learning the program requires practically no training.”

The article also highlights how QlikView represents a critical transition in the BI industry, by eliminating the difficult and expensive implementations characterized by companies like Oracle and SAP. Time says the downside of those offerings is they require “...stacks of servers and squadrons of data wranglers...” and “...that it's time-consuming to get such projects up, and there's a cost to maintaining the system.” It goes on to contrast QlikView as a much easier and faster to deploy solution that is also significantly more cost effective and IT friendly.

You can read the whole feature by clicking here.

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