Playing poker during working hours?! What?…


I could not believe my eyes...yesterday morning I walked in to the development department of AfvalRIS and to my surprise what did I see? The people of the whole department were playing poker. I am not kidding. All with hands full of cards. And I heard them bidding with points.


“So, gentlemen, playing cards nicely? Can I join you?” I have never seen them so shocked. “Cards? We are scruming here.” What are you doing? Can someone explain exactly what this means and what it is  good for?


Scrum master Pascal Verspeek explains: “Every two weeks the development team determines the “sprints”, i.e. what AfvalRIS 2.0 will develop in the next two weeks.By using a point system everyone determines how long they think they will be involved in the process. This is done by using the infamous “poker” cards. This process continues as long as necessary until, after the arguments have been considered, and well calculatedan outcome acceptable to everyone is agreed upon. Then the tasks are actually distributed and everyone goes to work. The stakes for the men are high and every day they should justify how far they have gone and whether they will meet the deadline.”


I have learned something. That’s how we keep a firm grip on the development. It is fun, competitive and we also share valuable knowledge!


PS: I have never seen the developers so busy talking to each other. Usually you can hear a pin drop. So if you ask me, it’s good not only for software development but also for team development;)

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