Area First to kick-off with GMT’s  MyHours App

Listening well to your clients? That should lead to surprising new products. It is how GMT developed the MyHours App together with Area. Area Cleaning, active for councils of Coevorden, Emmen and Hoogeveen, kicks-off as one of the first with the new App. Apparently there remained a demand for a speed-up of time-tracking. Besides reduction of back-office support and paper flow.


Paper Chaos is past tense

Cees Schouls, head business office at Area Cleaning: “The paper-circus, that’s something we really needed to do something about. On our request and that of other AfvalRis-users, this entire new App has been developed by GMT for us. The result: a sort standard connection with which any device and programming can be fitted. “The MyHours App is on aspect certainly a practical app allowing you to easily track hours from it’s source: the employee. One can quickly and reliably register from any place.


MyHours App: seamlessly integrable with AfvalRIS

The MyHours App is fully integrable with AfvalRIS, Cees Schouls: “about the use of this app, we are confident. Especially the simplicity and it’s speed which makes the hours justifiable and allows to agree with plan specific details. In our previous situation it started by printing a timecard, fill it in, have it signed.. an endless fuss.  Now that seems to be history. Another advantage is that the app can show the taken-leave data. Making it a cinch to request and react leaving the ridiculous paper-trail.” All in all the MyHours App diminishes cost by reducing administration and mistakes. Besides gaining a better and faster form of dialogue.


Professional improvements with the MyHours App

Cees Schouls: “ professional improvements? with out a doubt the acceleration of timesheet administration. Periods can be closed and booked  much faster now, weekly for instance. Another advantage is that teamleaders also approve their team’s timeards, leaving them the responsibility for the accomplished targets. One can monitor individual overtime during a week, if it wasn’t accorded, that individual can reprimanded instantly. With this app GMT earned it’s wings for us, certainly the way they took it up and translated it to this piece of software.”


User-friendly a priority

Besides a professional advantage, the user-friendliness is a priority. This app helps personnel to register their hours digitally, a smarter form of communication and a integration of the HR-tasks. This app has the planning as it’s source. In this way everyone in the company can register their hours, depending on their function. Hours are booked according to set forms or can be newly added by any  user.  Planned activities are fed automatically. And unplanned activities are easily booked and processed.


Possible practices

The MyHours App can be used for several situations. For instance HR department.

Besides registering (sick)leave the HR officer can choose to publicize the latest CBA [a]information. Another, is the communication department that may spread their internal newsfeed. Keeping everyone on the ball and improves the bonding on the whole. As stated:  areas such as leave, overtime shifts and rosters. Furthermore one can feedback goals, like for example the amount of work done. considering more features? GMT can make it happen. GMT keeps on developing.

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