Outside in a bathrobe


Oh no, not again… is that the garbage truck I hear outside? Why do I never learn? Every odd week of the month they come to empty my grey container. And every odd week I forget to put that blooming thing outside.

And they arrive so early... I’m just not yet ready.


It’s a well-known ritual in my street that at this point I run outside in bare feet with straggly hair and a bathrobe. To quickly put the container out next to the road.

The collectors know me already, well, no time for a chat of course, that is too cold and too embarrassing. But they are quite nice. They always wait patiently until I've fetched the full bag from the kitchen as well.


How nice would it be, if the municipality would offer a Waste App? If I could conveniently receive a text message the evening before the day they come by, telling me that I should put my container out on the curb. And on holidays you’d know where you stand. To always have the whole waste calendar within reach on your mobile phone or tablet?

Because let’s face it, a paper waste calendar doesn’t work. Ours ends up in the recycling bin right away anyway... because we do recycle ;-)


PS: I thought taking out the garbage was a man’s job.

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