Old clothing goldmine for ReShare

ReShare expects about one million euros in 2008 profit on the sale of used clothing, says Captain Robert Paul Fennema, Director of ReShare. The profit goes to charities. A major change in the collection of used clothing is one of the reasons for the profit, says Fennema. "Charitable collection of clothes was until recently all but professional. Waste collection has become big business. The collection of used clothing is a part. Waste is money.

Two years ago, ReShare had a half million euro loss. In 2007, half a million profit. In 2008 Fennema one million profit. "The secret is that we have worked hard to be cost efficient. The clothing bins are so constructed that one person can empty the bins, explains Fennema out." Before this, we needed two persons to do so. Nowadays the truck will lift the container and it  opens itself and drops the clothes in the truck. ''The computer calculates the most efficient route for trucks to drive. "
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