Netwerk chooses to implement QlikView as Business Intelligence tool.


After a thorough research Netwerk has opted for the Business Intelligence software QlikView which will be implemented by their IT partner GMT.

In 2008, Netwerk sent out an extensive Request for Information to several parties. Six of them has reacted for the selection process. GMT had registered it in cooperation with their Business Intelligence partner QlikTech. After the initial phase there were two parties left to proceed to the second phase.

In this second and final phase participants had both a by Netwerk specified business case drawing on live data from Netwerk (from different systems). The cases were presented to a large delegation within Netwerk.

After a thorough evaluation of the entire trail Netwerk has opted for the GMT / QlikView solution. Netwerk was, in this selection process, guided by the consultancy organisations PriceWaterhouseCoopers and ASI Consulting Netherlands BV.

Decisive for the solution of GMT, was given by the specific knowledge of the waste industry of GMT and the speed with which the case could be delivered. This has been achieved by the industry-specific BI templates GMT recently developed. Naturally the QlikView product played an important role in this success.

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