Municipality of Utrecht places order CLEAR Mobile with GMT for 50+ vehicles

Beginning of this year GMT started a project with the Utrecht sanitation department using After the first phase the implementation of CLEAR Mobile is on it’s way. This collaboration is with Prometheus, the on-board computer supplier. GMT has assigned a project manager and two consultants in this phase and ensures monitoring by an advisory. The order has been placed for the use of 53 vehicles with on-board computers.  End of this year the first vehicles are to be going live.


Evident business advantages

Tica van Nes, project-leader at the Utrecht Sanitation department: “ What we hope to achieve is an adequate planning-system with which we can instantly adapt to changing routes.  More and more is happening below ground while letting the work-flow be controlled by a single system, both planning and billing. For the municipality of Utrecht the added value of CLEAR Mobile is the planning system. The entire process can be seen as a funnel: One has to add a lot of data, but that makes it so robust and elegant. The technical planning advantages are evident. You ask me to rate it: I give it an 8.  We can now work nifty, smarter and more efficient. What I personally admire of GMT is that we created a project-group together. We really work together.”


The power of CLEAR Mobile

Why do organisations like Utrecht Sanitation choose CLEAR Mobile? Paul Havinga, Business Unit Director at GMT: “For starters it improves efficiency. It allows organizations to improve and become more successful. Offer better service. Often the mission of such organizations, from perspective, is that they for their municipality desire excellent service. Customer-orientation and satisfaction need to be held high.”


CLEAR Mobile: full integration with the primary processes

The CLEAR Mobile concept is a fully focused board-computer system to the waste and recycling business. It supports and integrates the primary process totally. CLEAR Mobile is a product with many possibilities and advantages that improve performance as a whole.


Reduction in the paperflow around the vehicles

      -        uploading routes and trip data

      -         autofill of logs and performance indicators

      -         printing of led letters from within the vehicle

      -         gathering digital signatures of customers

Improving the efficiency in execution:

       -         track/trace on the vehicle map

       -        trip, route and order status

       -        navigate from order

       -        navigate optimal routes

       -        register GPS locations at will

       -        calling from board computer

       -        sending messages between vehicle and back office       

Improving the efficiency of pay precedings

       -        collection of work and travel time data

       -        fix CBAs

       -        calculation of working and productive hours for personnel administration

 Linking of:

       -        weigh systems

       -        vehicle management

       -        Diftar systems/ container-management systems/hardware

Flexible dialogs and CLEAR integration:

       -        per service-unit a specified vehicle dialog

       -        orders forwarding from CLEAR to individual vehicle

       -        real-time interaction with CLEAR (ex: monitor container ID with depot unit

Other options:

       -        administer vehicle inspection-report

       -        interface to workshop-app for repairs

       -        integration of ESB architecture

       -        integration with online ordering portals

       -        driving analyses, CO2 emission reduction

       -        link with digital speedometer/tachograph

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