Municipality De Friese Meren (The Frisian Lakes) chooses AfvalRIS.

These new municipalities in the Netherlands decided on a modern construction for a back office


Municipality Frisian LakesNews from the Northern Province of Frisia. The recently founded council of  “The Frisian Lakes”  granted the implementation of AfvalRIS to GMT at the end of last year. After last week’s kick off the project can be considered running smoothly.



Municipality The Frisian Lakes was founded beginning of 2014 after a redivide of three neighbouring councils. Until this time it was catered to be a plethora of systems and methods. By scaling the organization of the area professionalization was essential to a working back office. A system wherein the community is focus of all attention.


J. Talman, Team Leader Waste and Infra at The Frisian Lakes (DFM): “We were looking for a solution for automation wherein we may implement the bin-management system. Besides we hoped to find a better link to taxes to process mutations faster. Other wishes we had, were an innovative, modern programme, agreeable lay-out and of course done by a reliable partner. Highly useful and demonstrative we found our invitation at two of GMT’s clients. Especially the planning part that we were shown by our host was a highly useful experience and convinced us. With AfvalRIS we will grasp the totality of financial and administrative tasks in one. Now we aim just to transfer this system to the people who will get work with it.


CCC as vanguard

Talman: “We joined a partnership with GMT wherein we get to learn from each other. Their Customer Contact Centre will get to play a central role to that effect. In reaction to the merger of the above mentioned municipalities we want as to place as much of the work at the front office to relieve the back office. Insisting to fill the programme to ensure that the CCC can directly reply to a variety of questions that may arise. reducing bureaucracy. That’s why we see their CCC as the vanguard of the organization. Eventually the CCC may relinquish some of it’s presence as digital instructions grow more common. Besides the importance of CCC we weigh a lot of importance to planning.


CCC improved

S. van Vliet, senior account manager at GMT: “After our presentation by our product manager A. Weststrate The Frisian Lakes council was convinced on the added value AfvalRIS is sure to provide them. focused on registration of addresses and waste bins. The Customer Contact Centre will be given an important role. Especially now that we announced to innovate the CCC more: more advanced, interactive and user friendly. The part considered noteworthy was the ICT-support and GMT’s vision to the Waste Industry as a whole, with it’s kernel Mobile First. AfvalRIS seamlessly connects to Mobile Order Management. So Innovation with new software and devices. We started an engaging partnership!"

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