Mobile Order Management of GMT first for Meerlanden

Meerlanden Industrial Waste Disposal was the first to start with Mobile Order Management (MOM) by GMT Europe in the Netherlands. MOM is an app with which the full administrative handling of the roll container emptying of industrial waste customers is fully automated, from the commissioning of the contract to the invoicing. “Mobile Order Management is a great innovation with which we can respond to the needs of the customer faster, significantly reduce the risk of errors and offer our customers a higher quality,”  said Arthur Richardson, Manager Industrial Waste Disposal at Meerlanden.




The drivers at Meerlanden Industrial Waste Disposal are given a tablet every day that they mount in the cabin of the vehicle. They are in constant communication with the planners via the app. This offers many advantages. The activities can be fine-tuned in real time. In addition, the assignments are displayed on a map on the tablet in the cabin and digitally finished by the driver. The driver can thus determine the most efficient route himself. Moreover, the driver can do an additional emptying at a customer immediately, or record other abnormalities on the original contract. Finally, the customer can sign off the job directly on the tablet.


Paul Havinga, Director GMT Waste Benelux: “We expected that the application would be accepted faster than the traditional on-board computer systems, but the results at the Meerlanden have really surpassed our expectations. Drivers work with it quite easily. It is also good to see that the full integration with AfvalRIS also realizes the promised efficiency profit. Driving without using documents is a fact! The word ‘app’, in this case, actually does not cover the load anymore. It is a very powerful application written for a mobile device, in this case an iPad, fully integrated with the systems in the office. The digital waste company is coming within reach!”


About Meerlanden

Meerlanden is committed to a more sustainable society. Therefore, it works every day to create more value for residents, municipalities and businesses. Meerlanden does this from a healthy business operation where entrepreneurship, environment, people and society can flourish. By making a difference at local level, they want to contribute to a liveable earth for future generations. Providing a clean, green and safe neighbourhood together!





Paul  Havinga
Paul Havinga
business unit directeur GMT Waste
tel. +31 20 600 51 51


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