Marpol Services contracted GMT for implementation A2B Logistics


A2B Logistics is software with which all possible waste logistics processes can be registered. MARPOL will use the software for many processes and activities, for example: to inform, in a simple and error free way,  the collection vessel ('Barges') the type of work, type of waste, waste and location to collect waste, time registration, required materials, etc. In addition, to handle the differences between the actual received waste and abandoned waste, swifter access to information for billing and the link to the financial administration and finally to reporting to the customs collections.


About MARPOL Services

Marpol Services was founded in 2009 by three entrepreneurs, each of whom had numerous years of experience in the shipping, mineral oil and waste management sectors at ports including Amsterdam, Den Helder, Rotterdam and Scheveningen. This expertise allows Marpol to provide services perfectly tailored to meet the Port of Amsterdam's needs and requirements.


However, Marpol is more than just pooled expertise and a 24-hour service. In fact, it is far more. Not only do they know the port intimately, but the port also knows them very well. This includes both dry and wet sides of port operations, i.e. the terminals, warehouses and industry on the one hand and the bunkering stations, towage services, boatmen, port authorities and customs on the other. This is a major advantage in an industry where the adage time is money can be applied very literally.


Their around-the-clock presence in the Amsterdam port also makes Marpol the ideal partner for surface water decontamination operations. With over twenty years of experience, we know the ropes and know our way around, e.g. to waterway authorities and insurance agents, etc.


More information about MARPOL read here.



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