Maritime Waste Collection, a special profession


GMT focuses also on maritime waste collection. Almost all the leading companies active in this industry are in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Zeeland are supported by the A2B Logistics application. The application ensures a perfect record is kept of all activities and processes that apply to ship waste collection both at sea and inland.


Consultant Leo Groeneweg: “Specific planning is required for the waste collection in ports. What ship arrives when? Where is the ship located? Which substances are on board? When is the ship leaving? Add to that is the fact that a portion of the costs for the waste collection are borne by the relevant Port Authority that needs to be informed in details about this”.


“A2B offers the tools for all these issues with which all records, necessary cargo - and transport documents and reports can be created”, he explains. “All the collection ships (and trucks) are all connected to the office on shore one by one, so that all information regarding the assignments to be performed and assignments already completed both day and night for all concerned is available.


“To avoid the abuse of waste, tough requirements have been set for the registration of data from the disposers, collectors and processors. Enforcement of the rules is therefore very strict. Especially the (hazardous) liquids get special attention in these cases.


A2B Logistics has been set up so that all possible waste logistics processes can be registered. Whether one collects waste, stores it in a depot, processes it, recycles it, or disposes of it or removes it: all these processes can be traced from A to B via C and also from D through to Z. “The solution is not only decisive, it is also accurate and ensures reduction of processing times and staff costs.”


During several visits to our clients in this sector we have learned a lot about how this industry works. We use this knowledge for the development of new software applications,’ says Mark Abbas, Director of GMT. “I was privileged to enjoy a day on a Bek and Verburg lighter barge. You just do not realize that the garbage of a cruise ship is simply thrown off. Not to mention the fact that there is a lot of it”.


Maritime waste collection is a special profession. “Many people do not realize that the waste of large ships, oil tankers and passenger ships is collected. Besides the collection of (separate) waste, many companies also focus on ship and tank cleaning,” says Mark Abbas.




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