Lots of Attention to Safety at Wastehub


The Wastehub GMT platform makes it possible to digitally exchange transportation and weighing of documents between disposers, transporters and processors. ‘Wastehub has paid a lot of attention to safety and reliability for design’, according to software architect Peter van Ginkel.


‘In this way, the information that will reach the stakeholders is guaranteed to be sent in a safe manner. The Wastehub model was based on the choice to never directly send messages back to the disposers, but to do this through Wastehub. By using an internal registration, Wastehub makes sure that the weight receipt reaches the correct party.’


The advantage of this is that, in contrast with other possible web service structures, the messages that are sent to and from Wastehub do not need to be provided with any login information. ‘Adding this information could possibly bring safety risks’, he says.


‘To avoid that issue, the content of any messages, which could be potentially intercepted and read, a so-called HTTPS protocol will always be used during communication through Wastehub. This protocol, which for example is also used for internet banking, guarantees the safety of data that is sent through the internet.’


Besides the safety that the chosen architecture provides, the protection of information is guaranteed within an agreement that will be entered with Wastehub.


Watch the video to see how Wastehub Works.



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