Erik Gouw of Irado enthusiastic about CLEAR;

“With the choice for GMT we put IT at the core of our strategy,”

Waste collector Irado currently signed for GMT’s CLEAR. A great step ahead, as until quite recently work was done with an outdated system-landscape and a lot of variables. Irado now set it’s course into the future with GMT that will set up an integration-platform. The application CLEAR will be connected with the systems of the organization so it will work as one fully integrated system: like a huge socket-box. “With this choice we put the IT at the core of our strategy,” says Erik Gouw, Facility Manager of Irado.


Cutting Costs

As Irado is saying farewell to the variables and sets off to explore with the standard package of CLEAR to make some difference in efficiency. Erik Gouw: ”An example of that is dynamic planning and less ‘clicking’. No wonder our people are looking forward to the introduction of CLEAR. Also because of a better spread of knowledge among the key-users.”  Irado expects to cut costs on development and programming: customizing to variables is a thing of the past. "Certainly when the new releases GMT planned for us, are coming through. That will cut our costs considerably."


Growing along

It is evident Irado aims to grow along the business. Paul Havinga, Director GMT Waste:” Our choice for GMT is based on our Mobile-First strategy. It entails that we focus on devices like tablets in the cars, ongoing digitalizing, reports, efficiency and route-optimization. In their search for an integrated IT-landscape, Irado came to us. Our message: IT is part of business and our society. IT is a core-factor in business and needs to be part of the core-process of your strategy or you will be out of business. Irado has understood that quite well and chose to plant their IT at the core of their strategy with us as their partner to do so.”



Current projects are implemented by Groen Vision for BOR, the ESB being implemented, and Qlikview. Gouw:”At this moment we are preparing for data-cleaning. Recently we did a kick-off that we presented to key-users. Our aim now is on training and planning. We expect with this that the systems provide us with important information-flow, on both directional and operational level. I also rely on the mobile platform of GMT: working with mobile devices. Planning to be fully operational the second quarter of the year, not forgetting the aftercare. The second phase will be implemented end of the coming year: working with the onboard computers, route planning, navigation, etc. All in all, GMT as a market-leader has the best proposition for us. Besides the technical aspect their partnership attracts us, with their knowledge and expertise that we can count on. We are proud to work with GMT and I am sure that goes them too. Certainly because we pursue good partnership, in word and deed.”















Left: Paul Havinga, Director GMT Waste

Right: Andre Hertog, Director of Irado

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