IoT cuts waste from rubbish collection

Rova is a Dutch public waste collector serving 21 communities across the Netherlands, where households dispose of waste in nearby containers. Before last summer, Rova used to empty 1,500 of these containers using vehicles travelling a fixed route.


Dennis de Jong, Rova's IT manager, says the average container was only about half full each time it was emptied. The company knew it could make do with fewer trips, but did not want to risk containers overflowing with rubbish.


By putting containers online, Rova was able to collect data about how often they were used and download the information twice a day to specialist ERP software from GMT, using the OpenEdge platform developed by Progress Software.


“Now each container is up to 75% full when we empty it,” says de Jong. “This means we have fewer vehicles, driving shorter distances, producing less CO2 by using data that is already there, but in a smarter way. We save about 20% of our operating costs using this software.”


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