Hoondert chooses for the implementation of A²B Logistics of GMT



Originally, Hoondert is a civil-engineering contracting and rental company. Today, from their wide experience and using their extensive fleet of machinery, they also focus on other areas. Based on firm foundations of knowledge and experience, they are continuously expanding.


Hoondert has as main activities: Ground work, water work, Demolition, Road surface cleaning and dust control, recycling, soil decontamination, Disaster Control, Transportation, Storage and handling, rentals and sales.


Hoondert was looking for an automated system which can accommodate their business processes of collecting, transportation, weighing and inventory. They ended up with the application of A²B Logistics of GMT.


They want to use software application for:

1. Effectively automating all administrative procedures regarding the weighbridges.

2. The processing of the transport / load data into a reliable centralized inventory system administration

3. Efficient periodic reporting of the transportation/load data to the government.

4. Obtaining a good understanding of the material balance of projects in progress.

5. A solid link between the administrative and financial handling of the activities carried out within the business.

6. Conversion of existing data such as name, Waste stream numbers, Amice numbers and other master data.



A ² B Logistics within the standard meets the above requirements and offers a suitable solution.



More information about Hoondert, click here.



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