Support Consultant Kirsty Mulder: ‘Giving Quick, Clear Answers to Customers’


‘It is an art to report a customer query so specifically that a programmer can start to solve it immediately, says Kirsty Mulder. She is a Clear en AfvalRis Support Consultant. There is a greater possibility that Kirsty would speak to you when you call GMT with a query, complaint or message.


Kirsty works with Arnoud Klein Poelhuis and Philippe Van Leynseele. ‘Our team is easily accessible. People who use Clear en AfvalRis can always contact us when they face problems, receive an error message or if they have any suggestions for improvement. We are usually in contact with Application Managers, but sometimes even end users. It keeps the work dynamic’, she shares.


‘People can call us, mail us or generate a ‘request for change’ via the Support Site. We consider it important to give an accurate answer to the customer, as quickly as possible. Which queries do we receive most frequently? That is difficult to say. As our applications are being continuously developed, the queries that come to our department are always different. Apart from that, the type of query often depends upon the size of the company’, she tells us.


‘The aim is to gain as much subject matter knowledge as possible, in order to understand the type of problem immediately. Only then, can we accurately forward the problem to the development department.’


‘My work is pleasant’, says Kirsty. ‘This is partly due to good contacts with our customers. Of course, sometimes a person is less friendly. In such cases, it is really very important to listen and to remain quiet and patient’, she concludes.


Kirsty Mulder has been working as a service desk employee at GMT for over six years and apart from customer support, she is also responsible for checking whether customisations are being carried out correctly and on time.

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