GMT welcomes several new customers


GMT could add many new companies to its client database in the past year. The gemeente Boxtel i.e. Boxtel municipality, gemeente Meppel i.e. Meppel municipality, gemeente Utrecht (IMH) i.e. Utrecht municipality, Cyclus Gouda, GMB and DAR Nijmegen (will) work with AfvalRIS, A2B Logistics or GMT solutions.


‘Why do these companies choose us? They choose GMT because it puts itself in its customers’ shoes and with its solutions, helps them to improve their business and to make it more effective. This can be achieved by implementing cost cutting, innovative applications, providing an insight into business management and through, for example, supply chain management.


In addition, these organisations usually opt for GMT, owing to the vast functional coverage of its solutions, the user-friendly software and its structured project approach. Customers are satisfied and this news spreads in a fraction of a second’, says Director, Mark Abbas.

Sales Manager, Paul Havinga: ‘We are the most advanced software company in The Netherlands’ waste management industry. We have extensive knowledge, are focussed, observe innovation and companies consider us as a long-term partner. We offer a wide range of integrated solutions to our customers, which helps the companies to design their processes.’


‘Our goal is to make the companies more efficient and successful’, adds Abbas. ‘Despite the fact that we have also profiled ourselves successfully in the international market, the domestic market remains the primary position for us. Therefore, this is where we first introduce our innovations. The fact that GMT was the most successful in the past year serves as a driving force. We want to be, and to remain, the largest ICT Company in the waste management industry.’

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