GMT sponsors a bobsleigh team!


This 2 man bobsleigh team with pilot (read: wheel man) Vincent Kortbeek, is currently undergoing intensive training with as final goal the Olympic games of 2010 in Vancouver. Soon the GMT logo will also be proudly displayed on the orange bobsleigh! In the weekend of 7-9 November, we will attend, with a select number of customers, a training of the Bobsleigh team in Winterberg and we can try ourselfs. Exciting!


Why is GMT doing this and why the bobsleigh sport?

First of all because there is something ‘special’ about this sport, the sport of bobsleighing is a bizarre combination of power and speed (110 km/h on the ice) in a modern day soap box. It is a sport which is not exercised by many Dutch people; at competitions, the podium is often occupied by true winter-sport countries. The unbelievable dedication and energy of Vincent and his team, with the goal of reaching the 2010 Olympic Games, is unknown. They are training every day and with this dedication and effort the goal can be achieved. This hunger for victory is something we like to associate with the winner-mentality of the GMT team.

Bobsleighing is a spectacle on ice!

Vincent Kortbeek explains: “Bobsleighing is also known as the Formula I of winter sports, with a very high value of amusement by way of specialized team work, high speeds and spectacular turns. Man and technique are completely tuned in to each other. The one can not function without the other, the same counts for the life in a company. Two or four men stand at the starting line of a 1500 meter long ice track. They try to get the bobsleigh onto the ice track as quickly as possible. Tight maneuvering results in all of them to take their positions within the confines of the bobsleigh. At this point the pilot literally takes over the strings and guides the bobsleigh through 15 turns at speeds up to 150km/h experiencing pressures of up to 5 G’s. After the finish the ‘brake’ (person functioning as brake) takes his responsibilities very seriously by planting some sort of hook into the ice in order to bring the sleigh to a standstill. The start, the driving and the material are the most important components in bobsleighing.

The goal is to reach the Olympic games of Vancouver. “For Bobsleigh team Active Professionals the big goal is to reach the Olympic Games of Vancouver, because who does not want to go to the Olympic Games. Notwithstanding the fact that the goal is very ambitious, as team we are convinced that Vancouver is not an unreachable mission. The coming three years will have to prove that the planned route will be the correct one. But, where there is a will there is a way. Who is actually behind this and who is in the Active Professionals team? First of all the pilot, Vincent Kortbeek, once scouted out of the athletic sector, participated in 2006 in a 4-man bobsleigh race as ‘brake’ during the Olympic Games as member of the Olympic team. After the Olympic Games he took the strings in his own hands and got behind the wheel himself. This was the beginning of Team Kortbeek”, continues Vincent.

Team Active Professionals consists, besides the pilot Vincent Kortbeek, out of the ‘brakes’: Robbert Popken, Colin Schalken, Ivo van Haaren and Jarno Beuving. They all are athletes. This young bobsleigh team traveled for 6 months through Europe, USA and Canada in order to train and to participate in competitions. Team spirit, collaboration and trust are important elements when traveling, training and performing together for such long durations. Driven by ambition and a shared dream, reaching the Olympic Games, they want to get the most out of themselves and out of the team.

For more information on the bobsleigh team, on the sport and the achievements you can go to: /

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