GMT nominated for prestigious ICT Environment Award with route optimization project ROVA

The projects; “Open Smart Grid platform” by Alliander and CGI; “ WKO Tool Nederland” by IF Technology and an innovative method of waste collection by GMT and ROVA are nominated for the ICT Milieu Award 2014. ICT Milieu will announce the winner during the first evening of ‘de digitale economie’,  which will be held on the 30th of September 2014.


When ICT-projects add to the saving of energy in unrelated processes or businesses, improve upon collection/recycling of waste and hence guarantees the replacement of scarce materials or in some other way contribute significantly to the environment; it meets the criteria of the “ICT Mileu-Award”.


This year’s nominees are:

The Open Smart Grid Platform by Alliander and CGI: With the Open Smart Grid Platform, that CGI developed on the behest of Alliander , ‘smartens’ the energy-grid. Based on ‘open’ standards and open-source devices link the energy-grid with the internet. The platform is extensively adaptable for parties who want to connect.


WKO Tool Nederland by IF Technology and the “Ministerie van I&M”: with the WKO Tool anyone can find whether geothermal energy-plants may be build in any place in the Netherlands and whether it is financially feasible. The tool makes the threshold lower and thereby improves sustainability.


Smarter waste collection through optimizing ICT, by GMT and collector ROVA:

Collector ROVA and ICT-specialist GMT augment subterraneous waste containers with sensors, that quantify it’s content. The data fed from these containers then allows the optimal time-window for collection and the most efficient collection-route to be asserted. The community experience timely collection while minimizing CO2 emissions.


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Tuesday the 30th of September 2014 Nederland ICT and ECP, organize the first evening of the digital economy in the Louwman museum at The Hague. The evening of the Digital economy will is an effort of ICT Milieu, MKB Nederland and the City of The Hague.


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