GMT launches innovative tablet apps

GMT Europe launched three innovative iPad apps on its CLEAR Release Party yesterday: the Mobile Order Management app, the Fleet Management app and the Wastehub EBA app. GMT, as an ICT specialist in the field of waste management, does not only demonstrate a clear vision on tablets and mobile with this introduction, but also a sophisticated mobile-first strategy. GMT’s business relations that were present responded enthusiastically to the prediction that users will make their way more and more to an app-centric world. “Ideal for organizations, markets and countries with a high Smartphone/tablet penetration,” said Mark Abbas, CEO of GMT. “The waste industry has been waiting for this.”


Mobile Order Management is an app with lots of handy features. Planning and driver are continuously in connection with each other in this way: the working activities are monitored in real time in the office. Assignments are directly visible in the vehicle. The app shows routes and assignments that are digitally completed by the driver. Times, weights, deviations and malfunctions are immediately registered. He can add pictures as proof. Hours spent are presented directly to the office. Customers can sign directly on the tablet.


Mobile Fleet Management is an effective mobile variant to a fleet monitor. The app helps municipalities and planners that monitor subcontractors with the monitoring of the operational activities in the office and on the way. Advantages: the planner has insight into the location and GPS trails of the vehicles all the time and everywhere. Colour coding of the GPS trail makes it clear, for example, where the lift was operated. Planner and driver can exchange messages in real time. Deviations in the route are visualized. Route audits have never been so easy.


Wastehub EBA App. This app sends the daily assignments to the driver’s Smartphone. It, in turn, indicates which assignment he is going to be the driver of. Active runs (AAR) are passed to the processor who will know that the driver is coming and with which cargo. The non-active runs (NAR) are also supported. The app contains the digital guidance letter according to the EBA standard of TLN. LMA has granted an exemption here. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


With this series of three business apps GMT passes the trend through to B2B applications. The applications are especially designed for the waste industry and to integrate seamlessly with the standard application. Additional advantages: lower costs, better communication, less paperwork, faster service, clearer business processes and overall user friendliness. 


In addition to the launch of these mobile applications, GMT focused on user experience in and on future ICT possibilities during the business relationship event. The strength of apps in the areas of business processes has even more in store. And that will result in a significant added value for the waste sector, says Mark Abbas of GMT.



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